Edinburgh wedding – Américo and Pietro

Matrimonio ad Edimburgo, in Scozia. Matrimonio gay. Matrimonio samesex. Edinburgh wedding. Gay wedding.

Describing what being the photographer at Americo and Pietro’s wedding meant to me is not easy.

It was not just a ‘photoshoot’, (it never is for me), but it was neither merely a day of celebration with two friends who, after living together for eighteen years, have at last been able to realise their dream. Maybe the best word to describe what it meant to me is  ‘experience’. That’s right, an experience with a capital ‘E’. The kind that gives you cause for reflection and changes you somewhat.

Edinburgh on 19th December was a day of great emotion, intense feelings and strong connections, deeply felt.

Despite there being only about thirty people from different European countries who, for the most part, had never met before, they were united in a common desire to participate and share.

I am very grateful to Americo and Pietro for wanting me with them on this special day. It was a surprise for me, a great pleasure and an honour.

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Ceremony – Lothian Chambers – Edinburgh (UK)

Reception – Hanams Restaurant – Edinburgh (UK)